Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My classes this semester:
5.60 (Thermodynamics and Kinetics)
7.03 (Genetics)
21M.303 (Writing in Tonal Forms)
21F.501 (Japanese I)
18.100B (Real Analysis)
Yeah...strike the last one. It was just terribad. We talked about balls...and I just stopped going to class. I haven't formally dropped it yet (need to do that by...November?), but I'm not doing the p-sets or going to lecture anymore. Other than that?
I actually really like this class. The p-sets are rather satisfying to do. I think I like thermodynamics a lot better than organic chemistry. It's interesting to see a mathematical basis for all the "thermo" you learn in high school and 5.112. I like my recitation and the lecture is fine...except it's at 10 AM, so my attendance is patchy to say the least.
This annoying. Conceptually, it's fine. However, the p-sets are really, really annoying to do. Mostly because you have to use their stupid program. It's like Mathlets (for 18.03) all over again. x_X Lecture is also boring as FFFFFFFF...and right after 5.60, so if I miss 5.60, I tend not to bother going into 7.03 - I feel that much of the time, I feel like I'm better off spending that time just working on the p-set.
I still can't decide if the professor is funny or annoying...he loves cracking bad jokes and saying random things. And everyone (except me) laughs at do they do it? I don't know. Also, the 90 minute length doesn't help very much.
So far, it's been really easy, I think mostly because I taught myself hiragana and katakana in...junior year? Senior year? Also, there are definitely many similarities between Japanese and Korean which makes it a lot easier to learn. And people say things like "私は日本語人ですか” (I am Japanese language person?) and "私は二十三人です。。。か” (I am 23-ese...?) xD Fun stuff.

Overall, I think this is going to end up being my easiest semester here at MIT (no course X classes!). So, I better not screw this up. Goal: 5.0?

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