Sunday, August 1, 2010

Six Flags

First post of two for today!
So as I said, I went to Six Flags yesterday with my family. It was pretty fun, though I always tend to wonder if it's worth it for my family - my mom doesn't ride anything, my brother's too little for a lot of the rides (though he could ride a lot more than two years ago :D), and I don't like roller coasters. What, you say? Blasphemy! Well...I don't. I'm not exactly sure why, but I always tend to panic on the way up, and don't especially like the sensation of going yeah. I basically stuck to the water park for most of the time.

The park didn't seem that crowded, but a lot of the rides seemed to be either poorly managed or over capacity. The first ride I went on was a really short water coaster, but we waited about an hour and a half in line. Also, we noticed that a lot of the people (who came to ride, not the people who worked there) were really rude and profane...think of the children :O I don't know why I didn't notice this the last time I came. My theory is that it's because Six Flags is near Springfield, which is known as being kind of a rough town. Eh.

However, we still did have a good time, especially my brother. He went on a lot of the kiddie rides (no wait) and won a prize - he played the game where you're supposed to throw darts at a bunch of balloons and pop one and popped one on his first try. Pwn. I meanwhile tried my hand at the game where you use a hammer to hit something as hard as you can....yeah. I failed utterly.

So as a whole, it was a day of fail. But fun fail. :D

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