Thursday, August 5, 2010


I finally have a permit! I probably should have gotten this last year...oh well. So today was my first venture into the infamous RMV. I got there around 15-20 minutes before it opened, but there was still a massive line. Well, calling it a line would be a bit of a stretch. People basically just radiated outwards from the door. There were people inside, but they didn't open the door until exactly 10, naturally. However, the wait was not nearly as bad as I had feared - I think I only waited for around 10 minutes until I took my picture and turned in my application. The lady at the desk was really slow, but at least she had a sense of humor...

So then I walked into the testing room. Apparently, it used to be that you needed to get 14/20 questions right, but now it's 18/25. I took the practice test thinking that it would show what kind of questions would be on the test...wrong. It asked such intelligent questions like "What state are you in?" I then started the test proper...and started getting horribly owned. I got 3 out of the first 5 questions wrong. D: The questions in the beginning were very numerical, and I hadn't bothered to memorize numbers. One example was a question that asked how far away you need to be away from trolley stops. I went by the highest-number rule and said 25, but the answer was 8. -_-x

My current plan is to get my license when I'm over 18 (as in next summer), so I don't have to take driver's ed. My dad is willing to teach me, and he's a pretty good driver, so...yeah. Hopefully this works out. I tried driving tonight, and it was OK....except the windows kept fogging up (dew point = 71ยบ x_X).


  1. Good Luck with your license adventures Kyumin! I just got my license a month ago...

    See ya soon!