Thursday, August 12, 2010

People I Don't Understand

There are some things people do that I just don't understand. Some are gross, some are inconsiderate, some are just weird. Some people might know why these people do what they do, so here goes. Also, I haven't had a post laden with images in a while, so let's get on that as well.

1. People who don't take revolving doors at MIT. It says clearly to use the revolving doors to save energy. Is it that much trouble to just go through the revolving doors? Is there some social stigma associated with going through revolving doors? A lot of my friends seem to shun revolving doors as let me know.
(Or maybe a fear of this happening?)

2. People who lick their fingers when turning pages. ...ew. Just ew. Maybe I'm just becoming slowly more germophobic because of working in a bio lab, can people stand doing this? It's so disgusting.
(They should hand these out in the reading room rather than deodorant. Bleh.)

3. People who pull various T shenanigans. Like people standing directly in front of and blocking seats without sitting down, non-disabled people walking across a nearly-empty car to sit in the disabled spot, people trying to surreptitiously read your newspaper from across the car, etc. etc. etc.
(This is so awesome...words can't describe this. OMG.)

4. People who want to take rides on disco sticks.

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