Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peabody Essex Museum

I forgot to mention this before, but happy August!
My mom likes going places and doing things on the weekend. I, being my lazy self, often don't want to, but then have fun once I get there. -_- Well, today's expedition was to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem! We got passes from the library, so it came out to be $10 total for admission, plus $10 for admission to the Chinese house that they have on display, Yin Yu Tang.
First, about the house. Basically, the owner of a house that his family had lived in for eight generations could no longer live in the house, so ended up donating the house to the Peabody Essex Museum (Not the first thing that would come to my mind, but definitely creative). ...It's pretty amazing that they actually managed to get a house from China all the way to here, though. Some highlights:
1. Due to the Communist Revolution and subsequent Cultural Revolution, there are Communist posters everywhere, and all the pictures of ancestors were taken down.
2. There was a mahjong set in one of the bedrooms. Win. (Speaking of mahjong,
3. They still keep fish in the courtyard. I liked the koi?

The rest of the museum had a lot of...old pretty stuff. I'm not sure, but I think the museum's collection is mostly art that Salem's merchant sailors brought back from places like China and India. So, there was a ton of 18th and 19th century East and South Asian art and sculpture. There was a Korean exhibit, too!

The last place we saw was an exhibit for kids on optical illusions and effects. I spent most of my time there staring at a stereogram book. So fun <3

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