Sunday, August 15, 2010

Orchestras explained!

Orchestras always seem rather stuffy when you see them performing, with those fancy suits, dresses, and all. However, behind the scenes, there's so much more. But how can you tell your violinists from your vibraphonists? Your bassists from your bassoonists? So, here's a rundown of different sections of the orchestra, along with helpful analogies to Azumanga Daioh characters! (Great show, by the way.) This is mostly based on my YPO experience, by the way.

Orange (conductor): Chiyo's father. He runs this joint. Mmmhmmm.

Yellow (violin I): Yukari. The divas of the orchestra. Prone to frequent mood swings. Failure to ever look up at conductor suggests questionable driving ability.
Olive green (violin II): Tomo. Divas-in-training with a bit of an inferiority complex. Will probably become like Yukari-sensei/violin I when they grow up.
Purple (viola): Osaka. Spacey, oblivious, slow on the uptake. Only ones to laugh at conductor's jokes. Funny in anime, not so much in an orchestra.

Green (cello): Sakaki. Seem to know what they're doing and are serious business. Stabby endpins make approach difficult.

Blue (bass): Kaorin. Follow cellos and do whatever they do.

Pink (flute/piccolo): Chiyo. Generally cheerful, but do not underestimate because of diminutive size. They will cut you.
Turquoise (rest of wind section): Nyamo. Seem to know what they're doing and are serious business, like the cellos.

Brown (brass section): Yomi. Well, they have the serious business part down. However, musical prowess sometimes called into question, perhaps unfairly.
Red (percussion): Kimura. They don't seem to have much to do, and are probably watching you from afar. Be afraid.


  1. *snickers* that's right biatches! imma diva-in-training!

  2. Everything is....oddly appropriate.