Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Always Right

Unaware Of My Space

Drug Store | Waterloo, Canada

(It is a few minutes after closing time and we lock the door. Moments later I hear the sound of breaking glass. I rush over and see a woman on the ground surrounded by glass. She had tried to walk through the door and broke it.)

Me: “Miss, are you alright?! Are you hurt anywhere?”

Customer: “No! No…I think I’m fine.”

Me: “Miss, let me show you somewhere to sit while we wait for security and the ambulance.”

Customer: “No! I don’t have time d*** it! I have to go write this in my blog!” *runs off*

Ahahahahaha. I would so do this. Maybe. This is a (though uncharacteristic) sample of the entries on the website (The Customer Is) Not Always Right. Basically it's a collection of quotes and scenes from people having to deal with customers. And...well...it's kind of disheartening to see how stupid, self-centered, and just damn annoying people can be. Product of a narcissistic Western (mostly American) consumer culture? Maybe. And yet, I can't...stop...reading....x.x I'm on page 38 out of 355. D:

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