Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are just some names that have been so completely associated with certain people from either real life or fiction that it's kind of unfortunate for people who have those names. A prime example, in my opinion, is a lot of Disney characters' and video game characters' names.

Ursula. I can't think of anything other than a creepy purple octopus-witch. I noticed how firmly this was implanted in my mind when I was reading a story by Ursula LeGuinn...and couldn't stop thinking of...tentacles. D:

Mickey. Though much less creepy than Ursula, I think it can be hard not to think of Mickey Mouse whenever you hear the name Mickey. Speaking of not thinking of things, I just lost The Game.
Mario/Luigi. Oh dear. Our favorite Japanese-Italian-American plumber-warrior-brothers.
Ike. He fights for his friends by setting shit on fire.

Though of course, this is not only limited to Disney and video games. Other examples include:
Gwen (Thanks, Margaret Cho.)
Marlecia (Though this is just an inside joke.)
Barney (Hm. HIMYM kind of changed this for me. Now instead of a purple dinosaur, I think of Neil Patrick Harris?)
Bon Qui Qui


  1. Hi my name is Bon Qui Qui and I'm here to warsh your crotchopus.

  2. oh dear, lindsey. wrong.

    and thanks a bunch kyumin, *thonks head on desk*

  3. Ike doesn't exactly burn things...