Sunday, August 15, 2010


So as I said yesterday, I went to a MITSPO concert. But what is MITSPO, you say? It's the MIT Summer Philharmonic Orchestra, and is basically the summer version of MITSO. However, it seems to be more open to the community, and the conductor is different.

MITSO Let's just say...the players are decent, but the conductor....yeah. Um. No. Bad repertoire, bad rehearsal time management, and bad attitude makes up for a great way to waste 5 hours a week during weekdays, including during that all-important Thursday night (p-setting D:). The concerts are very gimmicky, so the audience usually likes it, as well? Though my parents listened and were just Spoiled by YPO and All-Easterns, lol.

However, my friend said that MITSPO was a lot better, and we got invited by somebody in the orchestra, so we went. They played Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, and Liszt's Faust something. They were...pretty good? However, I felt that the players' limitations were more visible. In MITSO, the orchestra really didn't play to its full potential because of the conductor's limitations, but I think the opposite was true with MITSPO. After all, they only had seven rehearsals. However, that didn't stop the conductor from being very ambitious with the repertoire.

The Tchaikovsky was okay but long, and Liszt's Faust piece was GOD-AWFUL LONG. It was something like 70-80 minutes, with three very repetitive, (IMO) disorganized movements. I don't know...usually I don't mind long pieces, but this piece just seemed to go in circles and seemed to lack...a point. Also, since the pieces were so long, I think they just didn't have enough time to rehearse it all that well. I don't know. I think it would have been better to just pick shorter pieces and play them well rather than play really long pieces not as well. =/

I had really high expectations (too high?) of MITSPO, and I can't say that it met them. However, I think that if they play pieces that they can more realistically think of performing with such a short rehearsal time, they'd be great.

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