Friday, August 6, 2010

I spent way too much money today.

Charlie Card charging: $20.40
Lunch at Café 4: $5.65
Dinner at Island Hopper: $18.00
Joe T's air conditioner: $25.00
Ice cream from JP Licks: $3.99
Having a great time with friends: $73.04..........JK priceless

Except I used Visa debit for most of these purchases. Eh.

But it was well worth it. It was sad, though...three of the people there were leaving MIT for good (well, for now), and one was leaving until spring semester. This really reminded me of how short my time here is. In just a couple of years, all the friends I've made here will scatter around the country and the world, and I very well might not ever see some of them again. :( I guess this is what always must happen, though..

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