Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hampton Beach

I went to Hampton Beach for the first time today! Hampton Beach has been one of those "we probably should go there when we have the time" places for the better part of the last ten years for my family (along with the Lexington Re-enactment, Public Garden swan boats, July 4th Boston Pops

Since it's in New Hampshire, I expected it to be a long drive, but it ended up being only about 45 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise. After some wandering, we made our way to near the beach, where there were two parking lots next to each other, one selling for $20 and one selling for $10. Hm. Then we actually got onto the beach, and it was...crowded. I don't think I've been to a beach that crowded before. It's a different experience than usual, but still just as fun. Something about the chaos and commercialization of the place just seemed so...American. Lol.

The water was frigid, but after some getting used to, was a lot of fun. I was expecting there to not be any waves (a lot of beaches here seem to be like that D:) so that was a pleasant surprise. Except I can still feel a kind of rocking this normal? I felt something like this after getting on a sailboat for the first time in Maine. Maybe something's wrong with my inner ear. Eh.

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