Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fun quiz!

Which of these things happened to Kyumin today?
a) spilled bleach on his Red Sox T-shirt
b) cut thumb open with glass slide
c) experiment failed...again.
d) got blamed for something he didn't do
e) all of the above
Hint: It's like a permit test.

As in the answer is always all of the above. Along with the big stuff I mentioned above, I also f) had to wake up early for microscope time and was still late, g) almost left my wallet in the car, h) got the wrong meal from the food cart lady (the person before me took my meal), and i) spent 3+ hours reanalyzing images that somebody analyzed backwards. :D

Wednesday the 11th, you are now my enemy. Screw Friday the 13th.

On the bright side, my cell culture's viability increased from 88.9% to 96.1%? Didn't know it could do that.

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