Monday, August 2, 2010

Another marjong post

Yes, marjong. Mmhmm. I guess you could say that this is almost like a Welkin post.
(FNM = Friday Night Mahjong. Durrr.)
Yesterday I had one of the most epic games of mahjong. It was a two-round game, and I was in last place (around 27000 points down) entering the last deal. I had a pretty good winning streak going (on that app, a total of 8 1st and 2 2nd?), but I was pretty resigned to my fate. I was East for that deal, so if there's an abortive draw or if I win, the game doesn't end; rather, it goes to a bonus round where extra points are rewarded for winning. I proceeded to have 9 bonus rounds, and ended up around 30000 points ahead. xD I was so proud.

But I think that was canceled out by my fail today. I got completely owned by a computer whose avatar was a cat. The cat got something like 14 bonus rounds and ended up 80000 points ahead., whut. I actually ended up in last place for this one. I think I was in 2nd before the last deal...D:

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