Monday, August 9, 2010

11 Days...

...until I get back on campus. Well, not that I don't spend half of my waking time on campus now, anyway.

To be honest, this summer has been really stressful. It was my first time working for money, my first time in a lab, and my first time commuting, and it was really distressing to see my summer "break" turn into an endless grind. Moreover, it was stressful getting readjusted to life at home and with parents after a year of relative independence. With the free food, fun trips, and family bonding come arguments, pushiness, and lack of free time. Sometimes I feel like maybe because my parents only had my (7-year-old) brother to take care of, they treat me like I'm a lot younger than I am. And I'm young as it is. D:

So to escape from this, I think I turned to the internet. I've started obsessively checking Facebook. I don't really know why. I think it has to do with a hope that someone else is doing something more interesting than I am. I've been Stumbling. I've been reading webcomics. I've been reading the news a lot. I've been chatting with friends. I've been blogging excessively.

But the only times I've really felt at peace and happy were when I visited Next House or had lunch with my friends from there. This might just be because I'm used to those people and that environment, but still. So, I've been looking forward to getting back to Next House for quite some time now. But people living there seem to be saying that it was no rose garden there, either. Does that mean that I'm just romanticizing dorm life, and that it's no better than home life? I don't know. Bah.

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  1. On the note of romanticizing dorm life and wasting time on the internet, Dorm Life is a fun, quick-ish webseries.