Monday, July 19, 2010


Truly one of the great vocal talents of MIT. Mmhmm. He was my TA for 5.12 (Organic Chemistry), actually. He was famous for his...tacky? fashion choices (hair tied up in multiple places, khaki vest, sweatpants). However, I had no idea that he led such a dashing double life. :O The day that I found out about this was the day before my 5.12 final. I'm glad I didn't learn about this sooner...I would NOT have been able to go to recitation without cracking up, haha. Although I can't say that he has the best vocals (or English), what he does is still pretty impressive - a one-man a cappella band. It's an interesting concept and I'm impressed with how much time he puts into each video he makes.

EDIT: The video wasn't showing...

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