Sunday, July 25, 2010

TV shows and webcomics I follow

First, shout-out to Welkin: He talked about my blog on his own. Interesting. I thought I had picked up using pictures from him. And mahjong is totally G. Kind of. >_> But in his honor, this post will have a lot of pictures.

I guess since I posted a rant on shows and webcomics that I didn't like (Big Bang Theory, xkcd, Two and a Half Men), I should talk about shows and webcomics (shomics? webcows?) that I do like. I talked about one last time (SMBC), but here are some others:

TV Shows:
I never really bothered to watch television during high school. So, I basically started watching TV this year.
1. How I Met Your Mother
A sitcom about a guy (Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, in the center) telling his kids (in the future) about how he met their mother. I got into this show this year because of some MIT friends. Although the show has had its ups and downs, it's a show that can almost always get me to laugh. (The sewing machine scene comes to mind.) Also, Neil Patrick Harris singing Girls Versus Suits.

2. Family Guy

I can't say that this is a good show, but it's really just entrenched itself as a tradition among my friends - eating dinner in the lounge while watching Family Guy (after Family Feud) and alternately groaning, gagging, laughing...

3. CSI: Miami
After Big Bang Theory, we wait for a one-liner.

YEEEAAHHHHHH! Then we turn off the TV.

1. Questionable Content

I was introduced to this webcomic this year as well. It's fairly amusing and has a decent story. I like the AnthroPCs. I think I tend to like more story-based webcomics such as these rather than unrelated gag comics - SMBC I think is an exception. The characters in this comic seem more or less realistic and relatable, which is, to me, a big plus.

2. The Order of the Stick

I...actually don't know how I got into this comic. Another very story-based comic that I enjoy...very wordy though. This comic was the first webcomic I followed (since around 2006). I don't even play Dungeons and Dragons, so why this comic is so amusing to me is a mystery.

3. Dr. McNinja

Sometimes completely incomprehensible, sometimes surprisingly deep, always hilarious. I mean, with a kitten-loving gorilla secretary, a mustache-sporting 12-year-old, and a freaking Irish-American doctor-ninja, what's not to love?

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