Sunday, July 18, 2010

The T

Oh noes, late D: I always thought that the T was a relatively decent system of public transportation. It has good coverage in Boston, and seemed like a reasonable way to commute to MIT from home. And the T is pretty good. That is, until you actually start trying to rely on it. From morning buses that never come to taking 30 minutes to get from Davis to Alewife, the T is always full of pleasant surprises. So how do I keep myself entertained during all these delays?
1. Mahjong (iPod app)
2. Euchre (same)
3. Metro newspaper (Wholesome stuff, like scoops on Robert Pattinson and tips on how to pack for a one-night stand)
4. Observing other passengers

A large part of the passengers can be categorized into different archetypes.
1. Hipsters
Frequently found in: Davis, Harvard
Distinguished by: ugly plastic glasses, skinny jeans, Starbucks coffee
Known for: Managing to look unkempt and smug at the same time. Might be spotted holding an iPad.

2. Ambitious businessmen
Frequently found in: Alewife, Harvard, Kendall
Distinguished by: fancy suit, smartphone, copy of Wall Street Journal
Known for: Trying to network on the train. Going into HULK RAGE MODE about delays.

3. Parents with kid(s) in strollers
Frequently found in: Porter, Central, Kendall
Distinguished by: milk bottles, juice boxes
Known for: Trying to get a good spot on the train at all costs. This may include shoving, cutting, scheming. It's not selfish if it's for your kid, right?

4. Eccentric cat/dog ladies
Frequently found in: Alewife, Harvard
Distinguished by: cats/dogs, cat/dog-patterned shirts, knitting
Known for: I'm not sure, but I fear sitting next to them. Are those dogs even housebroken....?

5. Students
Frequently found in: Everywhere
Distinguished by: earbuds, iPod, iced coffee
Known for: Having music on so loud that everyone around can hear. In the morning, a deadened, half-caffeinated look. In the evening, a deadened, caffeine-crash look.

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