Thursday, July 29, 2010

Political Compass

Political Compass has a Facebook app? Interesting.

For those of you who don't know, Political Compass is a site that maps your political views onto a chart. There are two axes, economical (left is more government control, right is less) and social (up is more government control, down is less).

I first took this test for AP World History in 10th grade. I didn't really have an opinion on many of the questions, so I just answered without thinking much. At that point, I was at around (-4, -0.5). However, as I began to read more news and I started having more opinions about issues (especially social issues), I felt that my views had changed, so in 11th grade, I took the quiz again. At that point, I was at around (-3, -3). The next real change for me was when I took economics and began learning about the principles of the free market. Although I still wouldn't call myself a fiscal conservative, it definitely led me to rethink my fiscal views, so when I retook the quiz in 12th grade, I was at around (0.5, -3).

So on a whim, I took the quiz again today. I got (0.375, -2.9230) - not altogether that different from last year. This was interesting because I thought college had changed me a lot. Then again, I basically never read the news this year, though I'm trying to change that nowadays. (I used to read the Economist every week...good magazine, but my parents canceled our subscription when I moved out.) Have my views calcified? Am I no longer an impressionable young child? :O

So the Facebook app plots your own standing with those of your friends. It was very interesting to note that though on the Political Compass website, the majority of mainstream politicians were to the right and up (more economically liberal and more socially conservative) of me, most of my friends were to my left. Of course, with some outliers, but still. I guess it's the effect of having a lot of relatively young friends from a liberal Boston suburb.

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