Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As the year draws to a close...

Next Act was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who came.. :D
This week is "hell week," the awesome week of awesomeness two weeks before finals. Basically, classes aren't allowed to have things due next week, so everything's due this week. Fun fun. Sadly, even though finals are just two weeks away, I still have a midterm. 5.12 (Organic Chemistry) tomorrow. We're doing carbonyl chemistry, and...it's hard. Ish. More like I just suck at memorizing things. I believe my memory has gotten so much worse since coming here...it's kind of depressing.
I can't believe that the school year is already ending, though. I feel like I just came on campus, yet I'm almost a quarter done with MIT. Me? A sophomore? Something about that just seems...surreal. Also, that means that I need to LOOK FOR A SUMMER INTERNSHIP. Omgawsh. I've emailed a ton of ChemE and BioE labs for a UROP position. Most of them ignored me or said that the position was already taken, but I'm interviewing for a BioE lab tomorrow. They were featured on the MIT website today! Yay.

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