Sunday, December 27, 2009

Somewhere in the South

Finals went OK. I'm pretty sure I passed all my classes, and that's what matters, I guess. Well, on Monday the 21st, my family and I left Lexington for Florida. By car. It took three days, but at least we escaped from all the cold and snow. The worst part was definitely Northern Virginia...suffice to say that Virginia FAILS at plowing snow. It seemed kind of like they cleared up the absolute minimum and were just waiting for all the snow to melt. Lanes were just covered over by snow, exits were wasn't pretty.

Well, after an otherwise uneventful trip, we arrived in Florida. See, we used to live in Florida, so my parents know a lot of places to visit. We visited St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, EPCOT, and SeaWorld. It was nice to go back to these places, since I hadn't visited most of these places since I was about 5. We're sleeping over at a friend's house in Tallahassee right now (the same people who were over at our house in the summer). Right now they're worried because the high tomorrow's going to be only 51 degrees! Gasp?

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