Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's that time of the week again...

Guess what class I'm in right now? That's right, chem recitation! Woo...
Thanksgiving break was pretty good, except I didn't get nearly as much work done as I had hoped. Also, note to self: DON'T go to lunch at a mall on Black Friday. Uh-uh. Bad idea. Lan, her brother, Jason, Stephen, Enoch, and I went to Old Country Buffet in Watertown on Black Friday, and the drivers are vicious. Well, it was a good deal, though :D

I managed to get sick twice in the past two weeks. Yay. Mad skillz. ...yeah, I should probably be getting more sleep. Yawn. zzz
That's right, the Korean has gotten himself addicted to Starcraft, yeah yeah, make all those stereotypical jokes (that might be true >_>)...hm. I like Protoss (a.k.a. I started as Protoss and am too lazy to learn another race). Zealots ftw. My Starcraft "mentor" here really likes playing defensively (mass cannons/mass sunkens/terran block), and I think I might be absorbing some bad ideas from him. And at least according to Welkin's blog, people in Lexington have taken to Starcraft...maybe I should play some of you guys sometime. Except I still suck. Tips, anyone?

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  1. yo, I wanna play you sometime. Maybe during dead week after my 6.005 is due