Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Non-class stuff

I got an 86.5 on my bio test (Approximate curve: 75-86 is a B, 87-100 is an A, hm). 11.5 of the 13.5 points lost was on one of the five problems. Whoops. Hmmm. A lot of stuff has been going on besides classes, as well.

First, rooming? My lottery number was 31/170, so pretty good. There were 26 triples this year (MASSIVE jump from last year, when there were 6). So even with a good number, I was lucky to get a double - I got the last double in the west side of Next House. Wow. I'm in the west wing of the 3rd floor (3rd West or 3W for short). There's a lot of Rock Band, TV, musicals, Starcraft...interesting stuff going on. It's nice. My roommate is also cool, but I feel bad because I sleep through my alarm so often... >.>

I fell off my bike and slammed my face on the sidewalk three weeks ago (9/10). That was interesting...I got taken by ambulance to Mass General, where I spent hours just so that they could tell me that I had a chipped tooth. But then I went to the dentist the next day and got a filling. The dentist says that I need a crown at some point, though.
(that's in the 3W lounge by the way)
(another view of the lounge)
It's pretty much unnoticeable unless you look closely enough. From the trauma, I also got a couple of bad scrapes, which you can see (putting a band-aid on the scrape above my upper lip elicited lots of stares...I swear I wasn't in a bar fight! D:) and two canker sores. Yuk.

I got a sore throat, mild fever, fatigue, dizziness, and chills exactly a week after that. I went to MIT Medical, but they said that my temperature wasn't high enough for it to be swine flu...I still suspect that it was.

I'm attempting Starcraft once again..I decided to focus on protoss. Um, I can beat a computer fairly consistently, but I still pretty much fail.
Hm. I guess there's not much else, and I really should be p-setting right now.

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