Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Mostly because there wasn't much to post about. Well, I guess there might have been, but...I don't know. Well, anyway.
1. Got a MacBook Pro, iPod touch, and scanner/copier/printer for $1099 after rebate
The MBP is pretty awesome, actually. I had been having major issues with my Dell (although I did fix the constant fan was clogged with dust), so I decided to switch to the other evil monopoly. (Wait, isn't that Google? Three monopolies in one market = ???) It starts up rather quickly, shuts down REALLY quickly, and takes up less memory. Also, I think Snow Leopard came out yesterday? I get the upgrade for $10. Hm. I should get that soon. I also installed Vista, but it makes my computer really hot, for some reason.
Maybe everyone else knew, but I didn't. Since when did iPods have internet??? I downloaded nifty apps and...stuff, and copied my music from my Nano to my Touch. One gripe: music on iPods are stored as hidden files, and it's very hard to access hidden files on Mac.
2. MIT!
I arrived yesterday (8/28). Woot, finally here. I'm in a temporary room right now, and I lucked outtt <3
But absolutely no guarantees for my permanent room to be a single. :( Oh well.
So far I haven't really done much at all...watched a movie, took a math test, took a "library tour," and just came back from some crazy party downstairs. I can still hear the music. Oh joy of joys. There probably isn't all that much to do yet since Orientation sort of hasn't started yet. It starts tomorrow with a convocation from the president of MIT, so I guess we'll see then.

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