Thursday, July 9, 2009


I passed the MIT Freshman Essay Evaluation! That means that I can take any CI (communication-intensive) course. If I had failed, it would've been ESL, if I got a mediocre score (essentially a fail), I could only take CI-HW courses, which are more basic (i.e. "Analytical Writing," "Creative Writing" as opposed to "Race and Politics" or something).
I downloaded RocketDock the other day, and it's great fun (especially combined with a couple of add-ons). Behold.


  1. Correction: CI-HW is the failure one btw. CI-H is the one everyone needs to take two of. Even if you fail, you only need to take one CI-HW, the second class can still be CI-H. And you're still allowed to take a CI-HW if that suits your fancy (haha lol) (as opposed to you're not allowed to take ESL)

  2. Typo corrected, after a year and then some. >_<