Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where have I been?

Last week was practice week, great fun. Aka practice 4-6 hours every day. And my recital still wasn't very good. =/
Well, at least I netted me some moniez.
Then was graduation, which was long and arduous, but worth it, I guess? Now I have completed my basic mandatory education...or something. ANGP was pretty fun, and the hypnotist was funny - though John C and Terry C were fuming and insisting that it was fake. So what else have I been doing....playing lots of Pokemon (nerd crack)...but I overwrote my save files by accident, and...yeah. Fail. As usual.
I filled out my housing lottery yesterday! 1. Next - RBA 2. Burton-Conner 3. New 4. Baker...and I forget the rest xD
So what now...I need to figure out a way to conjure up $2000+ for MIT student contribution. Regular minimum-wage job or tutoring? The internal debate continues. And I'm thinking of getting a MacBook, since they're offering a free iPod touch for college students (and, apparently, NEC students) for people who buy a Mac. $949 with the student discount for a MacBook (the white version) and an iPod touch sounds pretty reasonable to me. Grr. I'm mad at Dell. My keyboard broke and I had to get it replaced, my battery broke a month after the warranty expired, and apparently I have another virus. >(

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