Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoof #2

So today was more of the usual grind...playing Magic, playing calculator games, and pretending to pay attention in class. I said Seongcheol 17 times today! I'm proud. Tomorrow I have a math test, which I'm going to own, not gonna lie. I also have a Spanish test, not going to study for that (like a pro), but it's going to be really hard, Mike says. After school was Magic time with Ian.
Round 1:
I was trucking him, playing a forest on turn 1 like a pro, until he played this menace:
So broken. He destroyed me, 15-0. I have to watch out for that card in FNM.
Ian 1 - Me 0

Round 2:
Ian started out strong, playing the public enemy #1 card again, but this time I could respond with another forest. What a truck. So I started beating him down with Grizzly Bears to save the day.
Oh, and I have a history project that I need to BS tonight, which I'm going to do after making a deck with Ian for FNM.


  1. lol. For a second, I forgot that the title was "spoof #2" and thought that Welkin had hacked into your account.

  2. Oh I did, Kyumin just doesn't want to admit it. It's MIT pride.