Thursday, May 21, 2009


A must-watch.
...Well, not really. But it is interesting to see how the different singers match up against each other. In my opinion, Leona Lewis and Beyonce sounded the best, while Miley Cyrus sounded the worst (Is she for real? How the heck is she a professional singer?) followed by Fergie (okay, time to give up trying to sound...ahem...African-American). We got a kick out of this at Nationals, watching Miley Cyrus' epic-fail solo.

Oh, and by the way, is there a way to put YouTube stuff directly onto my blog without downloading anything? Ted? Stephen?

EDIT: Oh yes, and SENIOR COUNTDOWN: 2 days of regular school/3 days of school + finals.

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  1. Try the "embed" box next to the youtube video.