Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nationals, and other stuff

In exchange for a super-long post, I posted my pictures on Facebook. :)
APs: 2 down, 4 to go. Mechanics was death. x.X Suffice to say, I should have reviewed my SHM. However, I pretty much eschewed studying for mechanics in favor of an all-day cramming session in E&M on Sunday. It really helped, actually; the E&M struck me as...okay. Oh well. I probably failed both of them. Grr, MIT requires Mechanics and E&M to be a 5 in order to skip...Mechanics. Oh well?

Macro/microeconomics on Thursday! Yay! I get to miss out on the last half day of my high school career and probably the last half day EVAR for me.

Oh, and evaluations? Violin went fine, and I only had to play (parts of) 2 out of the...8 things I had to prepare. Yum. Piano...why the heck did I have to memorize the music???? Yeah, didn't exactly have it memorized...thus I got owned.


  1. You can always go for the ASE's (advanced standing exams) to skip classes, but these tend to be harder than the APs. iirc 8% pass rate for chem.

  2. Yeah, Noah told me. >.< ...8%...