Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being a rebel

Well, somebody (not mentioning any names...) told me that Econ was canceled today, when in fact it was just a class in the computer lab. Wunderful. So basically, today was my first true "skip." :O I'm such a rebel. Grrrrrrr if something bad happens because of this, a certain person is going down.
YPO rehearsal was tonight, and it took Yehna and I 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Boston =x so we were 35 minutes late to rehearsal. ...well, at least we didn't get the famous Zander glare. Tomorrow I get to go to school at 10:50 (yeah MCAS + free! happened today, too) to take a physics "quest" or "quizzam" on magnetism. I know the stuff in my AP review book, but, apparently, not everything in the Halliday. I hate the Halliday; it's so cluttered and the information doesn't seem to be readily accessible. After the physics "quest" is AP French Language make-up. Hm, I'm not really studying that hard for it, since MIT doesn't count it, but apparently it's really long and difficult. Hmm. Oh yes, and YPO concert tomorrow :)

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