Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun fact?

Lindsey can be a guy's name as well? Didn't know that, until a guy called Lindsey said that he would be my CPW (Campus Preview Weekend for MIT) host. o.O
Let's see...what's new...uh...
Oh yes. DOE nationals are coming up really soon! We're leaving for Washington DC on April 30th. The itinerary has...lots of free time in it, to say the least. Basically:
April 30th do nothing/tour
May 1st do nothing/tour
May 2nd do nothing/tour
May 3rd competition
May 4th finals/do nothing
May 5th do nothing/leave
...Wonderful. And I learned that Clarke won middle school NSB! Yay (even though it is Clarke and not Diamond)! They said that they want to practice against us...I think we could, but the rest of the team wants to send our D team against them or something.
Also, my homework load has been decreasing somewhat. Probably for AP season...which reminds me, I still need to figure out how to make up French Language and Computer Science, which I'm missing for DOE....wow...

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