Wednesday, April 22, 2009


CPW. Was. Awesome. "Brief" itinerary:
Meet up with CPW host, play Brawl (Welkin would be jealous) and Mario Kart Wii, then have dinner - Cuban sandwich! Yum! My host was really nice, and he lived in Next House. Next House is the farthest dorm from the 'main campus,' but still not really that far. Note self: if I want to live there, bring a bike. It's in the lower left hand corner of this map, right to the lower right of that big orangeish rectangle thing. But it has its own dining hall, workout room, game room, etc.
Next was the opening ceremony, which got hacked by the MIT Logarhythms, a male a cappella group, who sang, among other things, "Low" by Flo Rida. Interesting stuff. After that was this festival, with free boba and...Vietnamese sandwiches that Noah found to be especially delicious.

I went to Linear Algebra and Macroeconomics in the morning. The Linear Algebra class was actually really interesting, and the professor actually sounded really into the material, whoa. It was about complex bases...interesting stuff. Macroeconomics was apparently a recitation, and consisted of this TA or grad student or somebody who couldn't speak English very well lecture the class on stuff I didn't know. Stocks or something. Lunch at Anna's (Chipotle's > Anna's), then this academics/arts fair. Peter and I got free stuff like candy and pens and stuff. :) I then went to Physics...ooh pretty technology and projectors and cameras and it was really cool.
Then was a cappella...some groups were awesome, others, not so much.
I then went to a barbecue at Burton Conner and met Stephen (Steven?) Cheng and Mark Fu...who had decided to drop by. Then saw Next Act, an annual musical, where I got to see my host as a pimp. Interesting.

Waah. Music school...needed to wake up early. Nothing that interesting happened....and I needed to pay for food! T_T (MIT gave us free food). Then I walked back to MIT (damn evil bridge), and watched the closing ceremony...lots of dancing and singing and loud noises. Later, I went to a frat party. That was interesting.

Overslepttttt... I woke up at 12:15, and my parents had been waiting outside/calling me since 11:45. Yum. Checked out, had a delicious lunch at KOREA GARDEN (in Allston, I highly recommend it) and then...not much.

So overall, I'm glad that I'm set on MIT, and I'm looking forward to going there next year :)


  1. Fuck yeah Chipotle is better than Anna's

  2. lol macroecon recitation instructor who doesn't speak english. There are a bunch of those, and they are more prevalent in certain departments. One thing that I've learned is that you don't have to go to your assigned recitation section, and it may be a good idea to shop around the different sections especially if it's a large lecture class.