Sunday, March 8, 2009

YPO Recordings!

Yay! I actually got to go to NEC yesterday, so I picked up the YPO recordings I ordered! I have the ones from last May and this January. The May recording has the Bartok Dance Suite, Schumann Cello Concerto, Brahms 4, and Nimrod, and the January one has Glazunov Violin Concerto and Mahler 5. I'm listening to the Mahler 5 right now, and I already listened to the Glazunov. Haha, I could hear the massive second violin choke in the third movement that I was proudly a part of. Overall, it sounded okay, but...the horn section....oh well. The Adagietto's awesome. Maybe I should listen to Nimrod and "compare and contrast" with the Honors Orchestra's own interpretation last year.
In other news, I actually started my Harvard Extension homework before the day before! Oh. My. God.

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