Sunday, March 15, 2009

MIT and All-Easterns and such

Wednesday, March 11.
I realize that Shostakovich 5th symphony 4th movement is really hard. DAMNDAMNDAMN....I start cram-practicing. Bad me.

Thursday, March 12.
Cram-practicing during orchestra! Yay! ...I actually got the passages down, somehow. The Lexington kids and a couple of others left for All-Easterns on a school bus (that came 30 minutes late). The orchestra was in the Providence Marriott. We were immediately rushed to the warm-up room, where I essentially unpacked and then got dragged out to the audition room....where I died (I need mah warm-up time).
Rehearsal (7:00 - 10:00)
I got 6th stand inside (1st violin). Eh. Relearning all the passages (for the inside part) was great fun. And my roommate was John C.! And, best of all, we got our own beds. All-States is really sketchy because we have to share beds...yeah.
The orchestra is...amazing. From the first downbeat, the string section played together, played all the dynamics...just awesome. YPO might have better players, but as an orchestra, in my opinion, All-Easterns ran miles around them.
When the time came to sleep, I faced a dilemma. Two pillows were really hard and bouncy! One was like a tube-like thing that I don't think you're supposed to sleep on! And two were really squishy! ...yeah.

Friday, March 13.
Grr, wake up calls. The shower shoots multiple sets of jets in different directions! Very cool. But the shampoo was orange ginger scented.
Rehearsal 8:30 - 12:00, 1:00-4:30
Yes, it was really long. However, it was still really fun. Shostakovich 5 is a sick symphony. The conductor spent a lot of time ripping on the title of our other piece (Frenergy). And I met three friends from Greenwood!
Cantus concert 6:30-10:30
Yuck. I swear, the management just tries to waste our time because they're lazy. Anyway, the concert was by some touring group from Minnesota. I mean, they were good, but....frankly, I hate chorus concerts. Blech.
We watched Mission Impossible III until 1 am. Probably not a good decision.

Saturday, March 14.
Rehearsal 9:15 (!) - 12:00, 1:00-2:00
Okay, the 1-2 rehearsal was nerve-wracking. I couldn't concentrate at all, my heart was pounding...ugh. The trumpet player from YPO walked up to the podium and conducted Shostakovich spontaneously! And it was really good, actually. I called home at 1:58 PM, and waited as my parents checked...and then the news came. I got in!!! We then went to some lame music exhibit, followed by a trip to the mall, Providence Place. Haha, the jazz, orchestra, and band kids got to go to the mall, but they forced the chorus kids to stay at the convention center. Dinner was funny. All four ensembles ate together in this huge, ritzy room in the Westin (far fancier than the Marriott, the band kids stayed there). Our waiter was a pedophile and kept on touching us and giving us sass. His best line: When somebody asked for more iced tea, he bellowed, "IT'S OVAH!" or something along those lines. We then saw the jazz band (they were pretty good, the drummer was crazy, in more ways than one) and the Boston Brass. The Boston Brass people are beasts. The tuba player played the double bass part in this jazz was amazing to see him breathing in between beats and play a continuous, seamless line of quarter notes. The French horn player...oh my god. He was ridiculous as well.
When we finally got back, John and I watched the end of Saving Private Ryan. It was confusing. We just saw lots of fighting and some Up-something guy shoot another dude and start speaking German. ...whut?

Sunday, March 15.
After much time wastage, et cetera, it finally came to be time for the concert. The concert was awesome, except for when my shoulder rest fell right when we started the third movement of Shosty and I didn't come in. Then me and my parents left and had Sichuan food at Sichuan Gourmet. Yum.

And here I am, working on this all-too-long blog post, procrastinating and not studying for my physics test. All-Easterns is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - they don't let people go to it twice by making it for juniors and seniors only. To see this pure passion for music over four days was a refreshingly different experience, much different from school orchestra (nobody cares) and YPO (people text, slack off). I feel as if I'm at a crossroads right now. MIT? Music? Or should I do what I always seem to do and try and do both?
Bleh. And I have English homework, apparently.

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