Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Engineering Project: Slight Success!

Yeah, after getting our brains fried by the NACLO Round 2 (Green Hmong and Cretan hieroglyphs are my enemy), Dan and I worked on our engineering project!'s not a complete failure anymore! See, Dan finally came up with the really simple thing that probably everyone else in the whole freaking world thought of before we did....sigh...
The engineering project is to move 10 marbles in a cup over an 8 cm barrier (which has to be at least 17 cm from the...apparatus) 83 cm down a table into a 5 cm box. Our project is basically a modded catapult...and I don't think I should say anymore. I might post some pictures after next Thursday, when the first half of the engineering fair takes place. March 19, 4:20 PM.
Haha, MIT decisions come out March 14 at 1:59 PM (just the tacky thing that you would expect MIT to do, you know?). Unfortunately, I'll be in Providence for All-Easterns, and my parents will know before me...and no, Lan, you can't access my account for me. All-Easterns...the level of orchestra above All-States, incorporating the states from Maine to DC (Okay, I know that DC's not a state, but whatever). I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and coming back Sunday evening. Tomorrow's the seating audition day, and I started practicing the music...yesterday. Not good.
Anyway, now's econ packet time! The econ packet is, but it's strange and subjective and...just weird. I missed class today, and class was canceled yesterday, and I guess I have a quiz tomorrow....? I wonder how that'll turn out.

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