Wednesday, March 25, 2009


3/26-3/28, I'm gone for All-States. We're playing Respighi's Pines of Rome, which apparently Noah really likes? All I know is that it includes the recording of a chirping bird. This is bound to be a treat...especially after having been spoiled at All-Easterns...well, at least the hotel changed. Maybe the new people aren't as nasty towards us. Seaport Hotel...we might even get an ocean view! Haha, but I think it's still 4 people to 2 beds, so I'm packing my sleeping bag.
Things I'm missing:
4 college decisions (parents checking....=/)
New Naruto and Bleach (omg, will Ulquiorra finally die or will this fight just drag on?)
'Valuable' class time (riiiiiight)
NEC (sigh...teachers shall kill me)
Hm. Duke, Williams, CMU, and Northwestern are supposed to come out this week. We'll see how that works out....

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