Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I realized recently, I'm a complete tea addict. Let's see, I like:
1. Bubble tea <3 (like the actual tea stuff, like milk tea and TARO TEA)
2. English Breakfast tea, black or w/milk and/or sugar
3. Earl Grey tea
Ooh! Over at PROMYS, our end-of-camp party had Toscanini's ice cream, and one of the flavors there was Earl Grey. Sooo good.
4. Iced tea, sweetened and unsweetened
Actually, I made some on Monday without boiling anything. Really easy! Just put six packets of tea in a pitcher of water and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Apparently if you brew it using sunlight, it's unhealthy because it becomes the perfect temperature for germs.
5. Barley tea <= does this count? We drink it like water at home, and it doesn't have caffeine.
6. Green tea (Yes, very azn.)
a. Roasted brown rice green tea (Korean stuff)
b. Jasmine green tea (parents got some over vacation, and it's <3333)
c. Green tea ice cream
7. Fruit tea
We have this instant stuff called "English Fruits" that somebody gave us. Also, we have a set of four boxes of fruit-flavored black tea: Peach & Passionfruit, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, and...Strawberry? They're pretty good.
8. Ginger tea - My mom makes this for me sometimes, especially when I'm sick. Spicy!
9. Arizona tea, ish. Eh. It's cheap.
10. Half-and-half lemonade and iced tea.
11. White tea? Idk, I've had the bottled stuff, and they always add fruit flavoring, and I could never taste the tea flavor. Except for sort of with Honest Tea.

Teas I don't like:
1. Chamomile tea. Seriously? With that smell? I almost barfed just smelling it.
2. Yujacha - tea made from a mixture of some citrus fruit and honey. Yuk, too sweet AND too bitter, somehow.
3. Nestea - yuk.
4. Americanized green tea - Green tea with sugar? Ew?

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