Saturday, January 17, 2009


So here I am in the computer lounge at NEC, the New England Conservatory in Music. My second home. I spend 8 AM to 6 PM here every Saturday during the school year. This is my schedule this year. It makes me sad.
8-9:30 piano/composition/theory (3 for 1! Yay!)
9:30-10 free (a.k.a. cram practice for violin time)
10-11 violin
11-3 free (Gah. 4 hours of free = too much of a good thing. Yeah, I'm getting good at wasting time. Really good. Today, I went to the Pru at 11, and got back at 2, by stopping by B&N, eating, origami, getting tea at Starbucks...)
3:10-6 YPO (Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, awesome orchestra, conducted by the illustrious/slightly crazy Benjamin Zander.)
Eh. Rehearsal's soon, I should go.

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