Monday, January 19, 2009


I guess it's interview season now! Sunday was Harvard, today was Yale, tomorrow's Cornell, next Sunday is Brown, and February 1st is Duke. Hm. Harvard and Yale were really fun, actually. The interviewers so far were really nice and friendly, very friendly and approachable even though they're all very smart, successful, etc. It's interesting...I guess the colleges deliberately use interviewers who would relate best to the interviewee? Like the MIT and Harvard people liked YPO and Benjamin Zander, the MIT and Yale people were young for their grade, etc. o.O

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So here I am in the computer lounge at NEC, the New England Conservatory in Music. My second home. I spend 8 AM to 6 PM here every Saturday during the school year. This is my schedule this year. It makes me sad.
8-9:30 piano/composition/theory (3 for 1! Yay!)
9:30-10 free (a.k.a. cram practice for violin time)
10-11 violin
11-3 free (Gah. 4 hours of free = too much of a good thing. Yeah, I'm getting good at wasting time. Really good. Today, I went to the Pru at 11, and got back at 2, by stopping by B&N, eating, origami, getting tea at Starbucks...)
3:10-6 YPO (Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, awesome orchestra, conducted by the illustrious/slightly crazy Benjamin Zander.)
Eh. Rehearsal's soon, I should go.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Firefox Add-ons

So I use Firefox, after I realized how slow and horrid IE was in comparison (Incidentally, I tried to run IE today and it doesn't work. Hm.). I also added a fair amount of add-ons, to say the least. You can get all of these add-ons from here.
Here are the add-ons I have:
1. WOT (Web of Trust) - AWESOME. Users rate websites as excellent, good, unsatisfactory, dangerous, etc., and submit it to the WOT website. So, if you're entering a potentially dangerous website, it stops you from entering. Very good. 10/10
2. Adblock plus - Blocks all banner ads. Very useful, I forgot about the existence of banner ads until I tried using some other computer to play games. >.< 10/10
3. NoScript - Blocks all scripts, and you allow individual sites to run scripts or just allow individual scripts. It also blocks clickjacking. However, it can be annoying to configure, since it starts out blocking everything, so YouTube and stuff is blocked as well. However, once you get used to it, it's pretty good. Something I'm noticing right now: Blogger also runs Google Analytics, which tracks the users coming to certain sites to analyze visitor info. Hm. 9/10
4. Text-to-Image - Text links come with image thumbnails. It screws up Wikipedia pictures; you have to double click the images, and just in general not that useful. 7/10
5. ColorfulTabs - Now your tabs are in funky pastel colors, and you can set tab backgrounds, as well! It's pretty good, nothing bad to say about it. 9/10
6. FireGestures - Like Opera mouse gestures. Hm. There are too many, and I'm too lazy to memorize them, but I suppose they'd be convenient. 8.5/10
7. 1-ClickWeather - On the status bar, it has links to the national and local forecast, along with current weather, tonight's weather, and tomorrow's weather. Oh, and severe weather alerts. Nifty! 10/10
8. All-in-One Sidebar - Bookmarks, history, downloads, page info, and add-ons, all in one handy sidebar! It can be annoying, though, because it pops up when you bring your mouse to the side of a window. 9/10

I also have Opera, Chrome, and Safari. Opera is...nondescript, Chrome's pretty cool, and iTunes sniped me to add Safari (I accidentally downloaded along with an iTunes update). But mostly I don't use them because I like my Firefox add-ons. >)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I realized recently, I'm a complete tea addict. Let's see, I like:
1. Bubble tea <3 (like the actual tea stuff, like milk tea and TARO TEA)
2. English Breakfast tea, black or w/milk and/or sugar
3. Earl Grey tea
Ooh! Over at PROMYS, our end-of-camp party had Toscanini's ice cream, and one of the flavors there was Earl Grey. Sooo good.
4. Iced tea, sweetened and unsweetened
Actually, I made some on Monday without boiling anything. Really easy! Just put six packets of tea in a pitcher of water and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Apparently if you brew it using sunlight, it's unhealthy because it becomes the perfect temperature for germs.
5. Barley tea <= does this count? We drink it like water at home, and it doesn't have caffeine.
6. Green tea (Yes, very azn.)
a. Roasted brown rice green tea (Korean stuff)
b. Jasmine green tea (parents got some over vacation, and it's <3333)
c. Green tea ice cream
7. Fruit tea
We have this instant stuff called "English Fruits" that somebody gave us. Also, we have a set of four boxes of fruit-flavored black tea: Peach & Passionfruit, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, and...Strawberry? They're pretty good.
8. Ginger tea - My mom makes this for me sometimes, especially when I'm sick. Spicy!
9. Arizona tea, ish. Eh. It's cheap.
10. Half-and-half lemonade and iced tea.
11. White tea? Idk, I've had the bottled stuff, and they always add fruit flavoring, and I could never taste the tea flavor. Except for sort of with Honest Tea.

Teas I don't like:
1. Chamomile tea. Seriously? With that smell? I almost barfed just smelling it.
2. Yujacha - tea made from a mixture of some citrus fruit and honey. Yuk, too sweet AND too bitter, somehow.
3. Nestea - yuk.
4. Americanized green tea - Green tea with sugar? Ew?

Bleh, school

Back from vacation. Bleh. Not that I was all too productive over vacation, but neither is school. Example: Econ. Um. My opinion: everyone in my table (myself included) has either attitude problems, ADD, or both. ...yeah. And Senior District tomorrow!
So there's supposed to be some pleasant ice/snow combo punch tomorrow! Yay! So I thought of the possibilities.
Then we only have 1 day of rehearsal for Senior District and we will 1. Die during rehearsal and 2. Die during the concert. => x.x
Har har.
I don't have class until 10:25, thus see possibility 1. => x.x
See possibility 2. => x.x

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
To the left is tteokguk, the soup that Koreans traditionally have every New Year's. It's sooo good <3. It's supposed to mean that you get 1 year older. In Korea, people get 1 year older every New Year's, and start out at age 1. I.e. Since I'm turning 16 this year, my Korean age is 16 + 1 = 17. Whoa. 17. So on Tuesday, vacation ends, and it's back to school. Yayyyy. -_-