Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vitamin C

I opened my lunchbox the other day, and in it, I found this. Odwalla Strawberry C Monster. Looks harmless enough, right? So I decide to look at the back of the bottle, where Odwalla says why its beverages are so awesome. Then I read, "1370% percent of your RDI of Vitamin C." I recoil. 1370% percent??? Whoa. Even though Vitamin C is water-soluble, I wasn't sure that 1370% would be so good for you. So I began calculating. A bottle of this contains 1233 mg of vitamin C (upper intake limit before toxic effects: 2000 mg) and is equivalent to:
11.41666666 glasses of orange juice
2.466 kg of oranges
20.5 kg of apples
12.3 kg of pineapples
308 grams of baobab (o.O)
39.8 grams of Kakadu plum (?)
So what about the taste? It tasted quite acidic...yeah, to be expected, sort of like orange juice with hints of other flavor. Orange juice sort of overpowered the other juice flavors in here. But overall, it tasted fine, once I got over the fact that I was probably ODing on Vitamin C.
The next things I see in my lunch box are two clementines. Um. Not wanting to poison myself, I gave one of them away.

And a strange note: Whenever I type Odwalla, I accidentally type Odwaller, first. Ugh. I wonder why...

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  1. eating too much Vitamin C can give you GI tract problems.