Saturday, December 20, 2008

College apps!

Having gotten deferred from MIT, I now have 9 apps to write, rather than 2. Woot. Along with 13 essays. Double woot. On the bright side, I got my Common App short essay done and all my non-essay parts of college apps done yesterday. English has always been my worst subject, both because most of my teachers were really hard and/or sucked and because I just fail at writing. Yes, even the SAT essay (I got a freakin 7 the first time and a 9 the second). So, college essays will really be the end of me...
So if anyone reads this, feel free to leave some tips for essay writing :)
I wish there was some machine that could hook up to your brain and automatically evaluate what college you get into. Maybe I could invent one XD

Which brings me to my next topic about college. When I saw percentage chances of getting into college, I never really thought that it really was a "percentage chance" - in other words, I thought that everyone was either qualified enough for a college or not. But, with the latest round of college admission results, it really makes me wonder. People with worse credentials getting in over people with better credentials, people getting deferred and rejected from colleges that I thought they would definitely get into...How much randomness goes into college admissions? Where does the randomness even come from? If, for example, the same person sends in five different applications, could the admissions officers had admitted 3 and rejected 2? Scary stuff to think how much the course of your life is up to chance.


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  2. I told you that the process gets random at a certain level!